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Business-To-Business (B2B) Website Design And Redesign By Dynamic Digital Advertising

It has become conventional wisdom that the fastest and most efficient way to research products and pricing is on the web. Consequently, business-to-business (B2B) marketers, wholesalers, and B2B exchanges are using the web to increase profits by marketing to a user who is actively seeking their products, services, or information. But B2B websites face usability challenges far beyond those of regular business-to-consumer (B2C) websites. The products are more complex (in fact, they are often services), the customers are more diverse, and the buying process has more steps and complications.

While most B2B sites are stuck in the 1990s in their attitude toward the user experience, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is dedicated to making it easier for prospects to research a company's offerings and place that company on their short list. As a professional B2B website design/redesign and development company, we understand that the more complex the scenario, the higher the need for supportive user interfaces. Our business-to-business website designs have long-term implications where customers don't just make a one-time purchase, but rather invest in a long-term vendor relationship that includes support, follow-up, future enhancements, and add-ons.

Features of DDA's B2B Website Design and Redesign Services:
Search Engine Optimization - is vital to the success of your Internet advertising campaign, regardless of industry segment. Research shows that 93.2% of customers research their B2B purchase online before a transaction is made and 95.5% use a search engine to do so. Specializing in search engine optimization, DDA ensures that B2B website designs are correctly optimized for the best possible positioning in search results.

Online Order Forms - make it easy for customers to purchase your products or services. By completing database fields with the required information, complex transactions become as simple as pressing a button.

Flash Animation - with ethereal mission statements splashed on the screen, will often send users scrambling for the "skip" link faster than you can say "loading." But DDA's Flash animation can be an ideal way to present highly technical industrial information - to show, rather than tell, what a company's products or services can do for their customers.

Specifiers, Configurators, and Calculators - are tools that, if designed properly, help customers choose the products that are best for them, so that when they do contact the company they are much closer to making a purchase. An example of this tool may be a return on investment (ROI) calculator. At DDA, we don't implement these tools to replace your sales force, but rather to provide users with interactive incentives to buy.

Blogs - are a modern approach to the traditional case study that works to capture the voice of your customer. Whether written by your product managers or support representatives with customer input, a blog developed by DDA will add a level of dimension to your site that encourages prospect and customer engagement.

White Papers - when implemented as a standard web page as opposed to a PDF, make it easy for prospects to cut and paste text and images into their memos and presentations for their bosses.

Links to External Press Coverage - demonstrate that independent sources have covered your products or services in a positive light and prove that you are not just tooting your own horn.

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8 Steps to Online Success

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