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Improve the Weaknesses and Maximize the Strengths of Your New Custom Website Design

Once you have your new custom website up and running, it is important to remember that the search engine optimization (SEO) process doesn't stop there. In fact, it's just the beginning. After several weeks, you should track your company's website results and see just how effective your website is in bringing in sales and converting website visitors. At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), Philadelphia's leading custom website design and development company, we take pride in seeing how effective our custom website designs are.

Website Metrics are Resourceful in Tracking Results

DDA has the art of creating a custom website design, and ensuring it is fully search engine optimized, down to a science. Through the use of website metrics, we are able to generate reports that pinpoint high traffic times, low traffic times, drop-off areas, and more. All of this information is crucial in achieving the highest level of search engine optimization possible. Once this information is gathered, it is our job to go back and strengthen the website's weaknesses while maintaining and maybe even maximizing its strengths.

Analyzing Website Usability Will Improve Your Search Engine Rankings
While determining your strengths and weaknesses of your new custom website design, it is important to take a look at just how user-friendly it is as well. If your website is too complicated to browse, you might lose a lot of potential clients in the navigation process. Maybe you don't have enough content or information about your company and its products so a potential customer might return back to a search engine and look for another company to give its business to. At DDA, we make sure that your professional website design has the perfect combination of keyword-rich content and user-friendly features.

The Proof is in the Search Engine Rankings and the ROI
Nothing pleases us more then knowing that your new custom website design is achieving high rankings on major search engines, like Google, MSN, and Yahoo, as well as a better return on investment (ROI). There are so many areas to take into consideration when creating and executing a new company website. With our years of expertise in organic search engine optimization and professional custom website design, we are confident that you will continuously generate and build long-term relations with clients for many years to come.

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