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Track Your Custom Website Redesign Results And Refine Accordingly

Many company websites fail to fulfill their main duty of bringing in more clientele, sales, and overall business. While the overall look of the layout is quite impressive and appealing, the website design itself lacks marketing strategies and highly optimized content. Thus, with this type of website design, a company's website will not rank as high, or even within the first page of search results, on major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Current Website with Website Metrics
Over the past decade, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has been analyzing and ameliorating company websites. Using website metrics, we are able to pinpoint and identify exactly what problems your current website design is having. For instance, we can determine the high and low traffic times as well as the drop-off areas for website visitors. By doing this, DDA is able to refine the website problems accordingly.

Analyze Website Usability, Boost Search Engine Rankings
DDA's To Be Sure™ website usability analysis program is geared towards providing you with high-end feedback and subjective expert analysis. It judges all aspects of your current website as a way to make the necessary improvements to the site. The program itself is actually split into three smaller programs:

Bronze: To Be Sure™ expert browser program

Silver: To Be Sure™ expert browser & statistical user experience program

Gold: To Be Sure™ expert browser, user experience analysis and video recorded peer focus group program

By creating a more user-friendly website, your company will be able to hold onto the attention of website users. No longer will you be losing your potential business throughout the navigation of your site. Your company will not only earn a better return-on-investment but will also rank higher on search results pages since your keyword-rich content will be picked up by more search engines.

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8 Steps to Online Success

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