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As hard as it is to drive web users towards your site, it's just as difficult, if not more so, to try and maintain their attention once there. In only a matter of seconds, a potential customer browsing your site may get lost or frustrated in the navigation process. At this time, they will most likely either click out of the web browser in general or return to a major search engine, like Google, Yahoo, or MSN, and try another company. To avoid this, it's best to incorporate user-friendly features to enhance the overall user experience.

Some Examples of User-Friendly Features Include But Are Not Limited To:

Contact Emails or Forms - are an ideal way to let potential or current clients reach you easily. Whether they have an inquiry or wish to leave some feedback, it's important to have this feature readily available to strengthen both customer service and customer loyalty.

Site Maps - let potential buyers find what they are looking for in an organized fashion. They can simply click on the site map and search through the various categories and subcategories.

Search Tools - provide the easiest way to find products, services, and other data on your company websites for potential or current customers.

Print Page Functions - give browsers or customers the option of printing out the current page they are looking at in an easy-to-read format.

Menus - are an ideal way to organize categories and various divisions of your company on the site. Within each menu, you may even offer subcategories for more specific information.

Links - allow people to navigate back and forth through a company website easily. It's also an ideal way to drive web users towards certain pages that you wish for them to see.

A-Z Indexes - act as a glossary which helps people, who already know what they are looking for, search for information easily.

FAQ's - are a common feature to have on a website. Many people have similar questions and rather than taking phone calls about these same inquiries, you can address these issues in an organized manner online.

Let DDA Implement User-Friendly Features into Your Custom Website Design
For over ten years, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has been setting the bar high for premier custom web designs. With an experienced and degreed staff of web designers, web technicians, graphic artists, and copywriters, DDA has the capabilities to make the most cost-effective and search engine optimized websites available. Let DDA make a solid impression on your website visitors with a user experience they will never forget.

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8 Steps to Online Success

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