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Add User-Friendly Features to Your Website Redesign

As much as your website should reflect your business in a positive manner, it should be appealing to your target audience as well as easy to navigate. There are many different usability variables to take into account during a website redesign. At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a professional custom website redesign and development company, we address issues of navigation, content, interactive features, and more to ensure that every visitor who enters your site leaves with a great impression and is persuaded to invest in your company.

Devote 10% of Your Budget to Website Usability for an Average of 135% Increase in Metrics
Ease of use derives from conducting systematic usability analysis throughout the website redesign process. To gain insight into both user behavior and recommended design improvements, websites are evaluated based on metrics assessment, which tracks every action a visitor takes on a website - how much time they spend on a given page, what links they click on or pages they visit, if they hit their browsers back button or take your call to action, etc.

In a recent study analyzing data from 42 cases where usability metrics were available for website redesigns, it was revealed that their metrics increased by 135% after they devoted 10% of their budget to usability improvements. Increased metrics means increased return on investment (ROI). While converting usability improvements to dollars for e-commerce sites is easy as the ROI directly relates to the number of sales, other types of design projects can be harder to convert as the value of increased customer satisfaction and more website traffic varies between companies. Regardless, it is proven that usability gains far exceed the costs and the proof is in the numbers.

User-friendly features for your website redesign can include, but are not limited to:
Contact Emails and Forms

Your visitors may have questions about a particular service or product and would like to get in touch with a representative to seek further information. With contact emails, visitors can send their comments or questions directly to the right person. For those concerned with spam type email, consider contact input forms, which allow visitors to email you without revealing your email address.

Print Page Function
Let visitors to your website print the articles they like without images that can distort the page. By using the print page function, visitors can click on an icon on the page and print a text only version of the article.

Visitors to your website will often have questions that are not readily answered on the main pages of the website. An FAQ will allow you to develop a page of Frequently Asked Questions about your business. You can change the FAQ at any time based on customer input.

Search Tools
With a search tool implemented on the main page or strategic pages, people can articulate what they need and are able to type it into a search box. As long as the search results show the word in context or show a clear description of results, they are likely to recognize suitable pages from the search results.

A-Z Indexes
A-Z indexes allow users to find the information they are looking for based on a word, term, or phrase. As long as the A-Z index contains what the user is thinking of, all they need to do is read down the list and spot the right item. Keep the list up-to-date with what users are looking for by referencing user search logs.

Website Accessibility Techniques
Make your website accessible and usable by everyone regardless of their ability or disability. According to W3C, the governing body of the World Wide Web, up to 20% of people are affected by some form of disability. A significant portion of people with disabilities can benefit from web sites specifically designed to be more accessible. With DDA's website accessibility techniques, we can build websites that adhere to the standards of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Website Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

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8 Steps to Online Success

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