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Website Design And Redesign For People With Disabilities By Dynamic Digital Advertising

The W3C, a collective group comprising of Microsoft, IBM, and Sun amongst others, have created the main website development and design guidelines that are most prevalent today. Adhering to these guidelines usually ensures website work with most users and browsers and hence perform better for businesses. But, the W3C is not the only organization committed to continually improving the web. Organizations such as WebAIM, the Disability Rights Commission (DRC), and even the European Commission have laid out guidelines for website developers to improve the way sites are built as well as the user experience.

While it reigns true that the majority of all websites built do not comply with the most basic level of the W3C accessibility guidelines, it should no longer be the case for sites built recently. With at least 10% of the world's population having disabilities, it is essential to meet the needs of these users. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a professional custom website design/redesign and development company, understands that adopting the accessibility standards and implementing small changes can make all the difference for businesses in any industry segment. Aside from markup and style sheets, we utilize techniques that help us significantly improve accessibility for all users regardless of the level of their ability.

Features of DDA's Website Design and Redesign Services for People with Disabilities:

Provide a text equivalent for every non-text element - Non-text elements refer to auditory and visual content including, but not limited to images, animations, frames, graphical buttons, and sounds. As we design a website with non-text elements, we supplement that information with textual equivalents wherever possible.

Create tables that can be read by a speech synthesizer - Other than identifying table row and column information in the markup, we will often provide a table caption that describes the nature of the table in one to three sentences so that all the data can be read by a speech synthesizer.

Ensure user control of time-sensitive content changes - Flickering or flashing screens may cause seizures in users with photosensitive epilepsy. We avoid causing the screen to flicker by implementing user controls.

Identify the target of each link - Using "click here" to link web pages implies that the site is device-dependent and says nothing about where the link will take the user. Instead of "click here," we can use more detailed text links, such as "more information about this service" or "text-only version of the page."

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