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As Philadelphia’s leading custom website design company, Dynamic Digital Advertising provides a professional website design process fused with high-end, organic search engine optimization methodologies. The fourteen-step custom website development process constructs optimized websites that score high on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Not only does your website score high, your website scores high for keyword phrases that are actually being searched by people interested in buying your products or services. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s professional website design process performs the in-depth research that properly targets the right audience.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising is one America’s premier providers of graphic design services. One of DDA’s graphic design specialties is for Instructional and Educational Video Development. Many people are visual learners, however some mechanical, biological, etc., processes are not visible to the naked eye. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s graphic designers can recreate processes for CD-ROMs, DVDs, streaming videos, webcasts, and more which will help your audience see and retain. DDA graphic designers use tools such as illustration, CGI modeling, 3D animation, and digital photography to create the educational message. To discover the many other digital marketing and graphic design services that DDA provides, please click here.
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about dynamic digital advertising (DDA)

Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC (est. 1994) is a marketing and digital technology firm like no other. Although there are many companies that individually specialize in such services as graphic design, marketing and branding,  print production, illustration, digital photography, video production, copywriting, custom programming, website design and development, Corporate and Medical Training/eLearning design and development, search engine marketing, digital 2D and 3D animation, and interactive multimedia designs of all kinds, almost none of them will be able to offer all of these and more.

What sets DDA apart is its continual growth in technological capabilities, its innovative approach to multimedia designs, and its unceasing commitment to customer service. Unlike many other firms who rely on outsourcing to get the job done, DDA sources its entire multitudinous list of services in-house. The advantages to our clients are: more multimedia capabilities, new innovative approaches to increasingly complex challenges, clearer communications through project developments, faster turnover times, and reduced costs.

Innovation is the DNA of DDA. DDA‘s vast collection of skills and technologies allows us to develop new interactive multimedia hybrid technologies not seen anywhere else. Onlivemation™, for example, combines live-action video with 2D animation and dynamic design to dramatic effect. Synchronous Media™ development coordinates video, animation, text, and images to communicate on multiple levels in a way that enhances understanding and memory retention. DDA’s SmartSite™ technology allows users to control the media choice of how they receive such content, creating an interactive experience on the web that can be tailored to the unique communication styles of every individual user.

Perhaps one of the most impressive demonstrations of DDA’s hybridized approach to technology is its Virtual Medical Simulation™ (VMS) programs. This technology was conceived as a way to help train medical professionals on new procedures and equipment.  Through the use of scriptwriting, filming, editing, voiceover recording, 3D graphic design and animation, custom programming, and more, DDA creates stunning simulations of real-world medical procedures in lush Interactive Immersive Environments™ (IIEs). Users of the platform are registered individually so that their use of, and performance on, the simulations can be tracked and reported to the program’s administrator, with certificates awarded to those who successfully demonstrate their skills in the program.

You’ve never found a better way to communicate, educate, train, explain, and connect than with DDA. When you’re ready to explore the full possibilities of what DDA’s digital world has to offer, contact DDA.

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