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Branding with Online and Mobile Widgets

As the Internet interfaces with television and as cell phones evolve into personal portable computers, it is critical that your company understand how to advertise your products and services effectively across all media. One way to build your brand, and keep your company’s name consistently in front of a target demographic, is through online website and mobile phone widgets. Consisting of anything imaginable, mobile and online apps are downloaded from a website and pasted into personal blogs, social networking sites, computer desktops, or company dashboards. Create something innovative and worthwhile, and before you know it your app is being used again and again, is virally distributed, and ultimately it gains unprecedented exposure to those most likely to convert into customers. Let Dynamic Digital Advertising Applications (DDA Apps) be your mobile and online apps company and we’ll design, develop, and program a customized application for a world-class, on-demand user experience.

Types of Customizable Widgets:
Flash Widgets, Video Widgets, RSS News Widgets, Map Widgets, Game Widgets, Photo Widgets, Music Widgets, Weather Widgets, Calendar Widgets, Stock Widgets, and MORE!

Not only are widgets custom designed for your company, but widgets themselves are also customizable. These small, easy-to-forward bundles of code allow users to play with graphics and information relative to your products or services, as often as they like, and design and customize it to their own liking. For example, DDA Apps can develop a sports widget with live scores of a football game, with a sports merchandiser sponsor, promoting the team and the company, and providing the user with a usable tool that they will enjoy game after game. News and weather widgets can be localized, videos and music can be categorized, and each widget can be personalized. Now you can take these widgets with you when we customize one for your Blackberry, Android or Windows mobile phone.

Measure Widgets to Further Target your Audience
Using the same example as noted above, if a football fan is keeping tabs on the score of a game, their team wins, and that individual wants to purchase memorabilia of the winning team, DDA Apps can track the click through to the merchandiser’s website. DDA Apps can also keep track of how often your widget is downloaded in order to gauge exposure. If your company’s widget is positioned on a social networking page or blog, you have access to profile information, giving you a never-before-seen look into the dynamics of your demographic. Keep your company’s brand in front your audience, online and on the go, and convert leads into customers with online website and mobile phone widgets from DDA Apps.

Video captures attention and frames information in narrative, character-driven structure that helps keep viewers engaged. That’s why video-based medical eLearning platforms are an excellent way to teach complex medical topics and ensure full comprehension. DDA was one of the first digital video/animation studios in the nation, and its long history in developing video-based medical eLearning platforms has given the company the experience it takes to create powerful learning experiences that are enjoyable and lead to long-term memory retention. DDA handles everything from concept to completion, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, platform design, course content integration, metrics reporting, administration features, and anything else that may be required. Make your video-based eLearning a success. Contact DDA today.

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