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Mobile and Online eLearning Platforms

If you’re looking to create an eLearning platform that is unlike anything else, turn to DDA Apps. Our advanced custom programming services allow us to create robust online eLearning and training environments. Build a multimedia platform with video, flash animations, and virtual medical simulations that take the user from a passive viewer to an active participant. Anything is possible with advanced programming solutions from DDA Apps.

With DDA Apps, you have an entire selection of custom software and online web application services at your fingertips, so the sky’s the limit. Planning and conceptualization are part of every project we undertake. We work with you to determine the platform that will be best for you, offering the tools, solutions, and experience to give your target audience the most immersive, engaging, and unique eLearning system available.

Who wouldn’t want to learn while sitting in their favorite coffee shop, or comfortably perched on a park bench? DDA Apps can make your eLearning Platform portable by formatting it to work on mobile devices such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone/iPad®. There are no limits to where your eLearning classroom can be.

DDA Apps Leads the Way in eLearning Innovation

At DDA Apps we are always innovating. In development of online applications and other custom web programming tools, we continuously look for ways to create a better and more effective user experience. This has resulted in brand-new technologies created by DDA Apps through development of comprehensive eLearning, multimedia platforms that involve advanced functioning tools, such as medical and training simulations and interactive games.

Some technologies we’ve pioneered through eLearning development include:

Synchronous Media™ – Give visitors multiple ways to digest information through a multimedia platform that fuses video(s), animation(s), text, samples, images, and supporting documents together into one integrated experience. Perfect for eLearning environments and training solutions, Synchronous Media™ keeps users engaged and makes learning complex processes and procedures easy.

DDA SmartSite™ (Patent-Applied for) – Utilizing DDA’s Synchronous Media™, this technology provides a maximum user experience, allowing the user to control and view multiple sets of information, including synched video, text, and supplementary images, all from one page. The user is able to close out of video, text, and sample modules as he or she wishes, to view the information in any combination they desire. This technology puts the user in control of the eLearning experience, giving them the tools to learn in the way they feel most comfortable.

Synch-Lock™ – Developed by DDA Apps as part of a robust eLearning platform, the Synch-Lock™ technology allows viewers to view multiple videos separately or at once in a unified fashion. This is ideal for medical eLearning systems where it’s important the user view side-by-side videos for comparison or analysis.

Look No Further than DDA Apps
When you’re looking to create an optimal eLearning experience, turn to DDA Apps. Our custom programming and web application development goes well beyond that of other companies.

DDA Apps gives you the functionality you need to make it happen, and the innovation to make it interesting. Contact us today to take the first step toward create an incredibly unique and robust eLearning system.

Virtual medical simulations represent the pinnacle of medical eLearning. Combining live-action video, voice-over narration, custom 3D environments, 3D models, 2D and 3D animation, virtual reality, gamified skills testing, certification, and more, virtual medical simulations represent the core of what DDA is all about: combining creative and technical disciplines to execute robust interactive multimedia platforms with beautiful aesthetics and engaging dynamics that make for richly rewarding and memorable experiences. DDA pioneered virtual medical simulation technology, and its exceptional work in the field earned it the first issued Tabby Award for Best iPad Healthcare App in 2012, for the Philips Health XperGuide VMS. Contact DDA today to learn more about what virtual medical simulations can do for your organization.

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