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Video Upload Programming

Want to give visitors to your site the ability to upload videos, but you don’t want to use an existing video-sharing community? Want to make those videos compatible with mobile devices such as Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPad® and iPhone®? DDA Apps has the custom programming solutions to get you what you need. We create online applications that allow your users to upload videos and share with others in the community, without ever navigating from your site.

Create a video sharing network, with an easy-to-use, custom developed video uploader for your site today, and make sure those videos can be seen on mobile devices. DDA Apps full-service custom programming capabilities makes it easy to offer unique, state-of-the-art applications that are fun, convenient, mobile compatible, and created specifically with your target audience in mind.

A Video Upload Capability to Meet Every Need
Video sharing networks can be useful tools, whether it’s for the corporate or medical fields. Some possible applications for custom developed video uploader systems include:

  • Educational community sites that allow professionals to share ideas, advances, and/or medical findings.
  • Site contests, where visitors can upload videos, view other videos, and vote on which ones they like best.
  • A video showcase of individual visitors using your product.
  • An interactive platform that allows visitors to interact with the site, through video feedback ratings vote or messages.

Make it a Reality with DDA Apps
DDA Apps gives form and function to any idea. From helping you to create an interactive video sharing network, to custom software development and formatting for mobile devices, if you’re looking to make an idea a reality, turn to DDA Apps.

Get started with a custom development project of your own, by contacting DDA Apps today.

DDA was one of the first all digital video and animation studios in the country, and it has honed its services over the years by developing some of the highest quality medical eLearning videos and animations in the industry. Medical videos are effective when nothing but a real world view will do. DDA has captured complex surgical procedures on location, as well as recording spokesperson and other eLearning videos in its own green screen equipped studios just outside of Philadelphia. DDA provides casting of any professional voice-over or on-screen talent required through its own Actors’ Network. DDA also produces 2D medical animations, useful when anatomical structures need to be simplified or color contrasted to be understood, and 3D medical animations, when internal anatomical structures must be understood within their broader context within the body. Learn more about DDA’s long history with medical eLearning videos and animations. Contact DDA today.

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