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Dynamic Digital Advertising's Tiimeline for 2002 Dynamic Digital Advertising's Tiimeline
Dynamic Digital Advertising 2002 Timeline - DDA Raises the Bar on Accountability and Usability

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2002: DDA Raises the Bar on Accountability and Usability
In 2002, DDA created the DDA-TRAC (Time Resource And Accounting) system. Our programmers designed and we implemented this innovative database-driven tracking system to account for every single minute charged to a client. Unlike the standard at most agencies, not one penny was ever assigned to a miscellaneous category. Updated and upgraded continuously, we still use DDA-TRAC today to assure our clients of efficiency in project management and accuracy in billing.

DDA also developed the To-Be-Sure™ program in 2002, offering high-tech website usability analysis to our clients. Using statistical testing, video-recorded focus groups, and expert browser analysis, To-Be-Sure™ could measure strengths and weaknesses of a website. DDA could then evaluate the data and make recommendations on how to improve the site and eliminate deficiencies. Like the DDA-TRAC, we still use this valuable tool today to give our clients the best services available.

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Bucks County web site designers and web site developers who work at Dynamic Digital Advertising are dedicated to taking a clients’ website from start to finish and beyond. Armed with a proprietary fourteen step web site design process, Dynamic Digital Advertising builds custom websites that capture higher search engine rankings and raise the level of success of any online business. Companies who want their web sites to rank higher on leading search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others can get there. With tools such as DDA’s keyword research, usability analysis, and metrics, search engine optimized websites capture a higher volume of targeted traffic.
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Companies who need graphic design for business cards should contact Dynamic Digital Advertising, a provider of comprehensive graphic design services in the Philadelphia area. Business card graphic design is critical to providing information to potential customers, investors, and business partners. Trust that Dynamic Digital Advertising will make your business card stand out. Dynamic Digital Advertising also provides business-card sized CD-ROMs which present high-end graphic design elements such as 3D animation interspersed with audio and video. Companies who need the best possible business card design can rely on Dynamic Digital Advertising’s graphic design services.
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