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Dynamic Digital Advertising 2006 Timeline - DDA expands to meet the needs of the Medical Community

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2006: DDA Expands to Meet the Needs of the Medical Community

DDA Medical
For many years, DDA has been producing medical work for a large number of clients; but in 2006, we took it to another level by launching a new division, DDA Medical, to meet the unique marketing and advertising needs of healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers. DDA Medical offers medical website design and development for CME, patient referral, or a Big IDea™ Information Destination™, medical animation for trade show or training videos, custom programming for clinical research trial support, and more to promote a product or service and inform the general public on the latest advances that can improve their quality of life.

Trade Show Display Production
DDA has been creating professional and attention-grabbing trade show graphics since 1996 and now offers clients a full line of trade show design, construction, and management services well within budget and deadline. Today, no project is too large or too small. Whether you want trade show banners, trade show table covers, trade show booths, trade show videos, or a complete trade show display, we create the designs that help you stand out from the competition and handle all aspects of production, from shipping and assembling to dismantling and storing. For more information, see the Case Study for Oncura’s radical trade show project.

Video Animation
DDA has been producing 2D animation and 3D animation for years, but now has set a new standard in creativity and interactivity with the development of Onlivemation™. As a DDA exclusive, Onlivemation™ is a whole new form of online interactive video animation which includes live models, placed in animated environments within websites, who interact with the environment, links, and the website itself. We synchronize sound, video, and animation in such a way that viewers cannot help but be intrigued and engaged. Take your trade show video, training video, instructional video, or promotional digital video to the next level. Onlivemation™ vignettes can be found on the front page of each section of DDA Medical.

Medical Writing
DDA was one of the first digital advertising companies to provide copywriting services as an integral part of the website development and search engine marketing process. Additionally, DDA Medical is proud to provide clients in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical device manufacturing industries with in-house medical writing services. DDA Medical has employed talented and degreed writers who are experienced in generating informative and accurate medical content for websites, brochures, and a host of other promotional and educational media. See how you can convey your message more effectively to patients, colleagues, partners, and investors.



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A professional website design service offered by Dynamic Digital Advertising is keyword research. Keyword research is an important part within the fourteen-step custom website design and development process created at DDA. Keyword research targets the navigation of a website as well as the development of the content. Professional websites designed and developed by DDA use a large variety of keywords and keyword phrases for the purpose of providing the exact information that your searchers want to see. Once Dynamic Digital Advertising finds the right keywords, DDA constructs the website that helps connect your customers to your company.
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Companies who need CD-ROM graphic design should contact Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia’s premier graphic design company. Dynamic Digital Advertising offers one of the largest and most diverse service offerings in the United States: DDA’s graphic design department is no exception. With access to talented copywriters, digital photographers, and programmers, DDA creates CD-ROMs that feature interactive multimedia that engage your audience while actively presenting more information on your company’s products or services. CD-ROM graphic design also encompasses unique packaging options so that the high-tech media on the inside is reflected by the high-end graphic design on the outside.
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