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Reality Check Glossary

Search Engine Optimization Program
Search engine optimization, sometimes referred to as search engine marketing or website marketing, is the art and science of retrofitting websites to rank higher on the free Search Engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. The search engine marketing process includes, but is not limited to, code changes, linking and navigation improvements, website architectural modifications and content enhancements.

Traffic Report
A periodic traffic report should be provided by your web developer or hosting company. WebTrends is the most commonly available report but others are also available. A robust traffic report should include metrics on number of visitors, day/time of their visit, how they found your website, i.e. keywords and keyword phrases searched, and what search engines were used to find the site. Comprehensive reporting and analysis can provide website marketers with valuable information and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in website marketing strategies.

Ranking Report
Ranking report analysis provides the single most objective measure of the success or failure of your website marketing efforts on the free (organic) side of the search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google. A website ranking or positioning report, like Web Position Gold, queries the search engine about individual keywords or keyword phrases to determine if your website ranks in top positions for that search.

New Content
New content development should be a regular part of every website marketing strategy. New content, developed with proper attributes, can facilitate search engine ranking improvement, encourage repeat customer visitation and improve overall marketing impact. Press releases, case studies, testimonials, and product and corporate information added regularly can have significant results over time.

Content Management
Professional content management services provided by your website marketing services firm are vital to your search engine optimization efforts. Page title, style, headings, content, primary and secondary keyword selection, percentages and page size all play a role in how the major search engines find and rank your website for your industry’s important keywords.

Press Release
A press release in the brick and mortar world can be distributed to thousands and yet be published by few or none. Press releases in the cyber-world can be distributed for little or no cost and provide linking and search engine optimization benefits well beyond the amount of readership that actually sees it.
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Presenting New Products
Often 50% of visits to a thriving website are from repeat visitors. While your website’s ability to make a good first impression is important, your website’s ability to present fresh content and a “directed” visitor experience is vital. Repeat visitors want a reason to be glad they revisited. New product/service or additional product information expresses corporate vitality, movement and drive.

Corporate Identity
The level of quality of a corporation’s graphic identity varies widely from company to company. For some corporations, it may be a result of a venerable 50-year-old logo being used side-by-side with brochures done in the 1980s, a trade show booth designed in the 1990s and a website launched last year. Marketing consistency, despite corporate identity evolution and integration, takes discipline and a consistent corporate identity vision.

Lead Generation
Email distribution, banner ads, link ads, pay-per-click search engine programs, website optimization (marketing) programs and internal website conversion enhancements can all contribute to your company’s overall lead generation success. All of the above are right for only a few companies, some are right for all companies. Companies need to have enough accurate information to be able to choose wisely and implement effectively.

Potential ROI productivity gains via functional Internet enhancements are almost too numerous to list. This includes everything from reducing the inbound fax load via online forms to employee intranet sites that provide; HR information, employee forms, travel expense submission, project calendars, supply fulfillment and technical support. ROI productivity gains are best achieved when the goals are stated, the plan detailed, the implementation methodical and the results tracked.

Employee/Customer Communications
Employee and customer communication can be significantly improved via online communication tools. The true genius of online infrastructure is that most forms of communication are reduced to anything your browser can interpret, display or download. Online communication tools can facilitate proofing, approval, instruction, information disbursement, notification, CAD file sharing, testing, new employee orientations, management messages and many other informational or process related needs.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing, website marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, e-marketing, interactive marketing, online branding… all descriptions that can be applied to DDA’s services focused on driving traffic to your website and facilitating the conversion process that turns visitors into customers.

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