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Are You Getting Action from Your Business Card?

Today, the concept of the business card is changing. What was once a simple slip of paper with contact information is now an effective medium used to drive business. Innovative visionaries are finally realizing that one of the most powerful, yet underutilized weapons in their marketing arsenal is the business card, and as such, are discovering new ways to improve its graphic design.

A typical business card includes the name of the company, the name of the employee, a corporate logo, and contact information such as an address, phone number, fax number, email address, and the URL of the company website. With a business card design like this, potential customers may never learn about your award-winning service department, your extended hours, or any other feature that distinguishes your company from the competition.

If designed properly this little 3 x 2.5" piece of paper will not only let people know how to contact you, but it will also tell them why they should contact you. In order to be effective and get you more business, your business card must stand out and get noticed. A clean, creative, professionally designed, and visually attractive card conveys a positive first impression that lingers long after your initial meeting. But by combining marketing-oriented text with contact information, your business card encourages potential customers to take action.

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a professional graphic design company, is staffed with degreed copywriters who know how to create the text that provides specific customer benefits. First, we work with you to identify your target audience and establish what that audience's wants and needs may be. Then, we discern what your goals are and what action you want your customers to take. Do you want them to call or email, visit your website, or travel to your store or facility? Once these issues are addressed, we develop an action-oriented slogan or tagline.

For example, if your target audience is searching for a company that's easy to find and your goal is to get customers to visit your store, then we might say, "Located next to ____ in the heart of ____. Present this card for a free gift." With a slogan such as this, your target audience will easily be able to find you, see the incentive, and be encouraged to make the trip to your store. Our graphic artists can design the business card to include the action-oriented slogan or tagline on the front or the back.

Using a business card merely to convey contact information is downright wasteful as it can be the most portable, affordable and versatile marketing method you use. Invest in business card graphic design and copywriting from DDA and your customers will love them as much as you will enjoy handing them out.



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Dynamic Digital Advertising, a custom website design company, often incorporates 3D models into e-commerce websites as well as corporate websites. Because DDA is also a search engine optimization company and search engine marketing firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising has an intrinsic understanding of how 3D models can be incorporated to enhance the user’s experience without detracting from search engine rankings. Armed with a proprietary professional website development process, DDA is able to create the type of website that earns maximum search engine rankings and that impresses every visitor.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising does more than generate high-end 3D models: as a full-service advertising agency, Dynamic Digital Advertising can create just about any type of print or web-based media to help clients launch more successful ad campaigns. A client gets the image for the medium of his or her choosing; Dynamic Digital Advertising, after all, does have one of the most expansive and diverse graphic design service offerings in the United States. From show-stealing trade show displays to eye-catching web graphic designs, Dynamic Digital Advertising can help you grow your business today.
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