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The Credibility of First Page Rankings

Research shows that 70% of search engine users report visiting organic sites on a daily basis1. With so much traffic being directed to organic search listings it is very important for an advertiser to choose organic search engine optimization rather than Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine advertising so that their website appears in the top search results of the best search engines. A professional internet marketing and custom website design company, like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), can help an advertiser make their website as relevant as possible so that it appears in the top organic search results on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Research shows that 86% of search engine users believe that organic listings are more relevant than paid listings2. Search engine users are increasingly recognizing that paid search results are not necessarily as relevant as an organic listing, and that they receive top spots in search results because they have paid for their position. This destroys a search engine user's trust in Pay Per Click search engine internet marketing. In fact, 29% of search engine users report being annoyed by paid listings3.

Tendency to Click
Overall, 80% of search engine users never click on PPC sites4. Another study reports that the conversion rate of online advertising free listings is 3 times more than that of paid listings5. With the possibility of this much traffic and conversions, it is critical to invest in organic search engine optimization by a professional website promotion and custom website design company such as DDA.

How to Get to the Top of Search Engine Listings
In order for an advertiser to achieve the credibility of first page rankings, they need their site optimized organically by an experienced website design company like DDA. Organic search engine optimization begins with selecting the most relevant keywords in relation to an advertiser's product. Once the best keywords are selected, content is developed for those keywords. The SEM firm also sets up a strong linking strategy that will deliver higher page rank and more targeted search engine users to the site. Search engines then view the website as editorially appropriate and it appears on the first page of the search results. 

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Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising has provided custom website design and development services to companies across the United States. Through our proprietary 14 step process including keyword research, content development, search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization, websites achieve first page search results in the major search engines. Combining the expertise of our in-house writing staff and graphic design teams, websites become powerful by being visually engaging, easy to navigate, and relevant to search engine users search queries, resulting in website visitors becoming consumers.
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Leading graphic design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising, has the largest catalog of marketing and promotional graphic design services in the country. DDA offers superior services in not only website graphic design but also in all sorts of print media. DDA uses digital technology to create original and eye-catchiing graphics that maximize brochures, calendars, sell sheet, business cards and more. DDA combines its vast array of skills in animation, CGI development and digital photography with an in-house team of experienced writers to develop a campaign that is not only visually stunning but also informative and respected.
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