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Graphic Design and Animation Services from Dynamic Digital Advertising

Externalize internal knowledge with animated graphics designed by Philadelphia’s leading graphic design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). When incorporated into marketing materials, animated graphics convey information and promote interactivity to improve user comprehension and learning as well as to foster insight. DDA’s aesthetically appealing 2D flash animations or humorous 3D character animations attract attention and maintain motivation whether used as web animation, PowerPoint animation, video animation, or CD-ROM/DVD animation.

Call DDA now and we’ll put our state-of-the-art animation studio to work for you. Read on for more information and view our animation collection in the portfolio for examples of the work we have produced for companies from a wide range of industry segments.

Animation to Convey Information
The information you want to convey determines the form of animation used. In some cases, the movement is of the object or system itself. In other instances, the object or system may be stationary, and the movement is of the viewpoint of the observer. Motion, regardless of form, is conceived of in discrete steps instead of continuously. In pictorial instructions for complex motion, such as operating a machine or assembling an object, each step is portrayed in a separate frame and the frames are arranged by the sequence of steps. DDA uses animated sequences to convey information in circumstances where it might be difficult to perceive all minute details or changes simultaneously.
Animation to Promote Interactivity
Interactivity, known to effectively facilitate learning, can overcome the difficulties of perception and comprehension. If users are in control of the speed of an animation and can view and review, stop and start, zoom in and out, as well as change the orientation of parts and the whole of the animation at will, then the problems associated with such difficulties are alleviated. Dynamic Digital Advertising not only designs the graphics for an animation but develops the interactive tools that allow users to focus on specific parts or actions for a greater understanding. Give users control with interactive animations and see a substantial return on investment.

DDA’s Graphic Design and Animation Services Include:

Web Animation - With people on the Internet either to be entertained or to accomplish a task, the only way marketers can communicate with them is by addressing their needs. Animated web page banners can deliver an effective message that conveys how your product or service will not only meet visitor’s needs but also exceed them. Animated graphics can communicate to potential customers how a product or service can be used to its full advantage.
PowerPoint Animation - In order for people to understand the presented material, pay attention to the material, organize it into a coherent mental structure, and integrate it with their prior knowledge, PowerPoint presentations should implement both textual and graphical forms of presentation. Animations strategically placed within the PowerPoint presentation serve as a great complement to descriptive text or processes, microsteps, etc.
Video Animation – Many people complain that their video presentation will not play as designed on their system. A failure to synchronize sound, animations, and transitions may be a contributing factor. Dynamic Digital Advertising goes to great lengths to synchronize events in a presentation and test on a variety of systems. With DDA’s graphic design, animation, and video production services, you can rest assured that the presentation will play seamlessly.
CD-ROM/DVD Animation – CD-ROMs and DVDs developed by DDA benefit from the integration of audio, video, animation, virtual reality and 3D modeling. By using Quicktime, Macromedia Director, and Flash animation software, we bring company catalogs to life with product models and 360-degree spins. Product or equipment demonstrations can be presented with coordinated audio and animated video content that can be controlled by the user through web-like interfacing.

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Let Dynamic Digital Advertising, a cutting-edge graphic design firm, incorporate your animation into the graphic design for a host of digital media such as CD-ROMs/DVDs, websites, and videos. We are proud to provide you with one of the most comprehensive graphic design service listings in the nation, making it convenient for you to choose a graphic design studio that can meet all of your needs. Not only can we create the animation you want, but we can also make it stand out in a graphic design for a dynamic presentation of information.
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