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Custom website design and development services by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

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Website Design & Development

Dynamic Digital Advertising's
Web site Design and
Web site Development

Dynamic Digital Advertising, a custom
web site design and development

company, provides services that offer
high levels of optimization and
functionality as well as high-end
aesthetic web site design. Founded
in the greater Philadelphia area in
1994, DDA serves Pennsylvania,
Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and
other national and international areas by
developing state-of-the-art web site
designs that become centerpieces
of companies' Marketing in the 21st

For companies who recognize the
importance of web site marketing and
promotion, DDA, the leader in internet
advertising and search engine
optimization for marketing, has instituted
a comprehensive 14 step custom web site design
and web site development program that unfolds a series of individual steps which move the company in the right direction. Through professional image presentation, strategic web site marketing, and search engine optimization, Dynamic Digital Advertising constructs online businesses that market to and impress search engines and potential customers alike. DDA’s process comprises 14 steps to conceptualize, strategize, design, develop, market, promote, and measure web sites to create a highly-effective marketing tool.

Competitor Marketing Analysis
DDA, the leading web site design company, utilizes Competitor Marketing Analysis to help clients understand what successful online competitors have done to earn their position in the online marketplace and to develop the aggressive Internet marketing strategy necessary to compete successfully.

Goal Setting
Encompassing six areas from Strategic Planning to Improved ROI, DDA, a pioneer web site design and development company, uses Goal Setting to ask the right questions that begin the planning stages of the web site design and web site development processes.

Functional Plan
The function plan stage combines the client's real world business experience with DDA’s web site design and development expertise to create a set of guidelines based on a strategy to achieve the goals already established. The functional plan acts as a guide to establish priorities so that the finished web site design has capabilities critical to achieving efficiencies and improving communication and productivity.

Keyword Research
DDA, a professional web site design agency, performs keyword research for the products or services your company provides. This in-depth research helps DDA understand search patterns and statistics, and targets your web site to potential customers.

Web Site Visitor Conversion
By implementing conversion goal strategies, DDA works to achieve the longer visitor times and higher user satisfaction rates that convert visitors into customers. Ideally, visitors navigate the right pathways, find the proper goal pages, and reach the right conclusion about doing business with your company.

Architecture and Navigation
Visitors who enter your business’s web site deserve instant gratification in the form of information when, where, and how they want it. DDA knows how to craft intuitive navigation systems and information that make browsing fast, easy, and satisfying.

Web Site Design and Corporate Identity
DDA offers the broadest spectrum of digital advertising services in the United States. The degreed team of designers is talented and passionate. Great corporate identity is aesthetic, compelling, meaningful, and consistent. Great web sites must also be organized, interactive, intuitive, and enjoyable.

Keyword-Rich Content Development
DDA's degreed copywriters and search marketing researchers combine to create highly-optimized content that reflects online search patterns while offering industry-savvy marketing content that sells. Keyword-rich content generation balances a business’s marketing needs with search engine optimization requirements. Accomplishing both, compromising neither.

Functional Implementation
A proper implementation of the functional plan ensures that an online business meets immediate and future needs required for success on the Internet.

Web Site Usability Analysis
To Be Sure™ Web site Usability Analysis is a DDA-pioneered service that offers 3 high-level programs to help clients understand the human experience as it relates to web site browsing. To Be Sure™ eliminates blockages, clarifies ambiguous signals, strengthens calls-to-action, and makes navigation intuitive.

Pre-launch Optimization
DDA integrates high-end optimization methodologies throughout the entire process and reinforces the platform with specialized mechanisms prior to launch. Consequently, Dynamic Digital Advertising’s web sites are primed to earn high search engine rankings right from the start and to improve those rankings as they age.

Web Site Hosting
For DDA's search engine optimization clients, state-of-the-art web site hosting is a no-cost option. DDA offers a secure environment with high performance servers and multiple data backups that are ideal for presenting your business online robustly, professionally, securely, and safely.

Web Site Metrics
DDA employs a suite of metric software tools which analyze the effectiveness of search marketing campaigns and provide detailed information about user navigation, tracking, movement, and conversion rates throughout all critical areas of the site.

Post-Launch Optimization
Immediately after the launch of a new web site, DDA goes to work utilizing advanced optimization tools in an on-going process to refine and improve the optimization platform established during the research, planning, construction, and pre-launch processes.

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As a national and global medical marketing and advertising agency with full service capabilities, DDA Medical offers pharmaceutical companies integrated medical marketing strategies for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer medical advertising. We understand the potential of nurturing strong physician relationships and the subsequent impact that direct-to-consumer advertising can have, and that there is fierce competition in medical business-to-business advertising, forcing companies to consistently go above and beyond the status quo. As a result, we know what it takes to help pharmaceutical companies compete effectively with professional pharmaceutical advertising – whether it is in print, online, or through other commercial media. Click on the following services to discover DDA Medical’s cutting edge advertising ideas for the pharmaceutical industry: Medical Website Design and Development, Medical Video Production, Medical Print Design, and Medical Trade Show Graphics.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has reinvented video. A full-service video production company and advertising agency, DDA leads the industry when it comes to innovation in Corporate Video and Medical Video productions. All under one roof, clients have access to an array of services like video editing, scriptwriting, 2D and 3D animation, special visual and sound effects (FX), casting, and more. No matter your video need, DDA is the solution, delivering excellence with each and every video production. Need Video Testimonials, a New Product Launch Video, or a Website Spokesperson Video for your corporate or medical facility? Then call today for a level of service, quality, and innovation that will far exceed your expectations.
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Let Dynamic Digital Advertising’s advanced digital marketing and graphic design technology help you enhance your corporate identity. DDA understands that graphic design for corporate identity must be innovative and well-executed if the public is to respond well. One of the ways DDA strengthens a corporate identity is through logo design. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s graphic designers can merge marketing themes from successful past campaigns into a fresh, contemporary logo, or they can create an original logo to reface your company. Trust DDA, Philadelphia’s premier graphic design firm, to provide graphic design services for logos as well as host of other digital marketing services.
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